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Resources and Links 

Amber Lights will help you find the right resources for your unique questions.

Resources and Links: Resources and Tips

Apply to Many Schools Using One Platform

Streamline your approach and save you valuable resources by using shared college application platforms. You can also apply directly to many colleges using their unique applications. Amber Lights will help you decide what works best for you! NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list. 

Paying for College

  • Understand Financial Aid

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Create Your FAFSA Account & Get Your FSA ID

  • CSS Profile Some colleges and universities have institutional funds to provide need based assistance to students. They may require you to complete the CSS Profile at the time of application. See participating college or universities here. ​

  • CSS Profile for International Students. 

  • Local Merit-Based Scholarships: Here are just a couple in the Central Minnesota Area:

  • Global Scholarships usually involve some sort of competition. They are available to everyone across the planet and usually have age ranges. Breakthrough Junior Challenge, for example, is for students who are 13-18 years old. Check it out! Application opens April 1. 

  • Colleges Merit-based Scholarships often do not require an additional application. After you have been accepted to the college, your application may be forwarded onto to a scholarship committee who will then decide on award. However, it's important to check to see if the school has additional scholarships that require an application. 

  • For International Students, Affidavit of Support and other Bank Documents may be needed at the time of application. Other schools will ask you to complete these documents only after you have been accepted to their program and decided to attend.

  • Amber Lights will help you sort out your required financial documents and deadlines for submission. 

Transcript Evaluation Companies

Did you attend school outside of the United States? If so, US Colleges and Universities may require you to have your transcripts sent to a credential evaluation company. Here is a list of well-known companies used by US Colleges and Universities to evaluate transcripts. 

English Proficiency Testing Sites

US Colleges and Universities vary on requirements related to English Proficiency. Check with each university to know what they will accept. In some cases, you may even be exempt from having to take any of these tests. Contact Amber Lights to find out more! 

Build Your College List

To build your college list, it's important to consider a number of factors, such as, size of school, majors offered, research and internship offerings, location of school, scholarships and financial aid, student life, extracurricular opportunities, and values and/or religious perspectives to which the school espouses. Amber Lights will help you to develop your list based on your interests and your profile. You can also start doing your research today with these resources. 

  1. The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

  2. Christian College Consortium

  3. Catholic Colleges and Universities in the US

  4. Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities

  5. List of United Methodist Schools

  6. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)

  7. US News & World Reports Best National Universities

  8. US News & World Reports National Liberal Arts Colleges 

  9. US News & World Reports Undergraduate Business Program Rankings

  10. US News & World Reports Best Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs Rankings

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