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High School Friends
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You no longer have to be in the dark as you discover your path to success. With some well placed Amber Lights, you will find your way and enjoy the journey.

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The Spotlight

A Step In the Right Direction

Choose this package if you are beginning 9th or 10th grade. Amber Lights will help you to put a spotlight on what really matters to you. This package will focus on goal setting and decision-making that will best position you for college options or training programs that make the most sense for you.


The Beacon

Committed to Excellence

Choose this package if you are beginning your junior year in high school. Like a beacon in the night, Amber Lights can help you navigate the college application process and career exploration in a way that gets you to where you want to go!

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Endless Opportunities

Choose this package if you are about to begin your final year of high school. Amber Lights will help you to carry the torch over the finish line where you will be ready for your next best step in the starting block. This year is about finishing well and get into the next starting block ready.

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The Spotlight

The Spotlight

The 9th grade year is a pivotal year in the life of a teenager. Most importantly, it's a year of self-discovery! Academic records, extracurricular activities, athletic involvement, work, and volunteerism will all be potential highlights of a future college application. Amber Lights will help you to put a spotlight on what's important to you as you begin to explore your next best step in your educational aspirations. 

Packages: Welcome

Take various assessments that look at things like your learning styles, interests, and values and how these may relate to the world of work

Develop SMART Goals and apply those to your educational and college application goals.

Review course plans and determine the best way forward related to future plans

Creating resumes showcasing your strengths

Evaluate and decide on ways to explore new interests or to expand your leadership skills with things you have been doing for a while.

Select possible summer enrichment opportunities to increase your knowledge, skills, or awareness about topics you are interested in.

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The Beacon

Committed to Excellence

Some students have said that the junior year was the most important as they navigated the preparation for college applications. The Beacon helps students and families plan for their post high school education.​

We will help you to—​

  1. Get an overview of the college application platforms, vocabulary, requirements, and deadlines.

  2. Better understand how college admissions representatives will evaluate your application. 

  3. Examine how academic programs and course selections best position you for success. 

  4. Prepare for SAT, ACT, and/or English Proficiency Testing if needed (i.e. TOEFL).

  5. Find colleges that best fit your interests.

  6. Schedule college visits and strategize how to make the best of these discussions and tours. 

  7. Tackle the college essays by brainstorming topics and getting started on writing in the junior year.

  8. Think about and make requests about Recommenders. 

  9. Explore how strengths and values match up with the world of work.

  10. Plan activities such as job shadowing, volunteerism, paid work experiences, and leadership roles that will challenge and build on your current interests and strengths.

  11. Select possible majors.

  12. Create a resume and prioritize items for the college application. 

  13. Compare colleges based on scholarships, grants, and other financial tools used to pay for school. 

  14. Create a plan now to apply for colleges in the senior year.

*Move to The Torchlight at the beginning of the senior year.  

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The Torchlight

Beginning on August 1st, Amber Lights will help you to best position yourself for the balance you need to enjoy this memorable year carrying the torchlight over the finish line.

Overview of the Application Cycle

Explore Options, Majors, Minors, & More!

Develop College List Based on Your Interests

The Many Application Platforms--Which one is best?

Interviews, Portfolios, and Performances

Recommendation Letters

The College Essays

Prioritizing List of Activities

Paying for College--Financial Aid and Scholarships

Understanding Offer Letters

Making the Final Choice

Now that the Choice is made--What's Next?

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