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The Beacon-International

A Comprehensive Approach

Choose this Package if you have two years left of high school.                        

Amber Lights Educational Consulting, LLC offers two options within the Beacon Package to meet the unique needs of students and families seeking guidance in planning for post high school education options in the USA. To determine which of these packages is right for you, contact Amber Lights today! 

Depending on which Beacon-International option you choose, Amber Lights will help you to—

  1. Get an overview of the US College and University systems by comparing 4-year liberal arts colleges with research one universities, examining pathway programs, such as, pre-business, pre-engineering, intensive English programs, and reviewing course curriculum options and examples for specific majors.

  2. Get an overview of the college application platforms, vocabulary, requirements, and deadlines.

  3. Examine how academic programs such as, the Baccalaureate, AP, IB, Honors, and other academic standings best position you for your college applications, acceptances, and academic goals.

  4. Make a plan for SAT, ACT, and/or English Proficiency Testing (i.e., TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, etc. for non-native English speakers).

  5. Begin to develop a college list using online tools and other sources.

  6. Create a resume and prioritize items for the college application.

  7. Decide on topics for the college essay.

  8. Schedule virtual college visits and round tables with college admissions representatives and strategize how to make the best of these discussions and tours. 

  9. Explore how your strengths and values match up with potential college majors and occupations.

  10. Plan activities such as job shadowing, volunteerism, paid work experiences, summer programs, and leadership roles that will challenge and build on your current interests and strengths—important pieces to the college application.

  11. Better understand how college admissions representatives will evaluate your application by looking at primary and secondary documents, such as grades, scores, essays, interviews, letters of recommendation, and portfolios.

  12. Better understanding the college application with regards to need-blind vs need-aware universities.

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