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The Spotlight-International

The Path to Success

Choose this package if you are at the beginning of your high school experience. Amber Lights will help you to put a spotlight on what really matters to you.

The first years of high school are pivotal in the lives of a teenagers. Most importantly, it's a year of self-discovery! As you explore your next best step Amber Lights Educational Consulting, LLC will guide you in—​

  1. Developing a 4-year academic plan considering options available to you at your school.

  2. Exploring your learning style and maximizing strategies to do well academically.

  3. Providing study tips and testing strategies.

  4. Determining a plan for English language learning and set goals in accordance with college proficiency requirements.

  5. Becoming more knowledgeable about how extracurricular activities and academics can strengthen and impact the college applications in the future.

  6. Exploring extracurricular activities, joining athletic and/or club activities, and participating in the fine arts based on your interests.

  7. Creating resumes showcasing your strengths and experiences in preparation for paid work, volunteerism, and leadership positions.

  8. Discovering how values, and interests play a role in selecting potential career fields.

  9. Understanding how your goals, values, interests, and learning styles relate to possible occupations, majors, and training programs.

  10. Exploring job shadowing, volunteer activities and paid work experiences that connect interests with careers and occupations. 

  11. Finding and selecting summer activities that interest you.

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