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The Torchlight-International

Expert Guidance

Choose this package if you are in the final year of your high school experience. 

Amber Lights Educational Consulting, LLC offers two options within the Torchlight-International Package to meet the unique needs of students and families as they seek guidance in planning for post high school education options and apply to colleges in the USA.

College applications open on August 1 of the final year of high school. Amber Lights Educational Consulting will guide you through this process by reviewing parts of your applications. Additionally, depending on the option you choose within this package, we will help you to—

  1. Get an overview of the US College and University systems, examine pathway programs, such as, pre-business, pre-engineering, intensive English programs, and review course curriculum options and examples for specific majors.

  2. Select a major for study at various universities based on your interests.

  3. Develop and finalize your college list.

  4. Get an overview of the college application platforms, vocabulary, requirements, and deadlines.

  5. Make a plan for SAT, ACT, and/or English Proficiency Testing (i.e., TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, etc. for non-native English speakers) if you have not yet done this.

  6. Find the best resources for credential evaluators if needed.

  7. Become better informed about the college essay and the list of activities (resume) sections of the college application.

  8. Make decisions regarding teacher letters of recommendations or letters from other sources. 

  9. Schedule college visits, virtual visits, and round tables with college admissions representatives and strategize how to make the best of these discussions and tours. 

  10. Better understand how college admissions representatives will evaluate your application by looking at primary and secondary documents, essays, interviews, letters of recommendation, portfolios, and need-blind vs need-aware universities.

  11. Complete financial documents such as the CSS Profile for International Students, Financial Statements, Affidavit of Support, or other financial requirements needed for application or for immigration related needs for the I-20 (document needed to obtain F1 student visa prior to coming to the USA).

  12. Understand how merit-based scholarships and need-based scholarships for international students for various programs differ and how to search for these opportunities at universities and colleges.

  13. Understand decision letters including acceptance, deferral, waitlist, denial outcomes and next steps in the process for each.

  14. Understand immigration application processes for F1 student visas and coming to the USA.

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